Shimano Saragosa 20000 Review

Some guys prefer spinning gear to conventional gear, and in many cases I’m one of them. But if you try to take pelagics on the spin, your gear has to be top notch. Enter the Saragosa, one of Shimano’s best spinning reel’s designed for offshore gamefish and speed jigging. If this catches your attention, your going to love our Shimano Saragosa 20000 review.

Shimano Saragosa 20000 Review Features

The  Saragosa is a heavy-duty spinner designed for the salt, and the 20000 is the king of this hill. Rated to hold 460 yards of 20-pound test monofilament, squeezing on 500 yards of 65-pound braid was no problem. Any you can crank down that drag to take the kind of pressure such heavy test deserves, too. Shimano claims the drag can be torqued all the way to 44 pounds of drag; our test reel was tuned to 20-pounds, and it was enough to nearly yank my arms out of their sockets. And although we didn’t hook any 100-pound monsters we did use this rig to reel 30-pound wreckfish up from the bottom in 600’ of water—a feat most spinners wouldn’t be able to accomplish. Of course, this fishing reel isn’t designed to be a light-weight for light-weight duty; in fact, it weighs in at a whopping 33.3 ounces. 

The Saragosa’s anti-reverse is another feature worth mentioning. While fishing deep with heavy jigs, kick-back will ruin many reels. But the anti-reverse in this one is instant, so there’s no slamming of metal on metal as you jig. I also took note of the handle shank, which is machined aluminum. On many spinners this is one spot where the manufacturer tries to save money, and if you stress the shank from side to side, it’ll bend… until the day it breaks, of course. But this one’s sturdier than the norm and didn’t give one bit when I stressed it.

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Shimano Saragosa 20000 Review Pros & Cons

Last update was in: January 18, 2020 9:41 pm
  • Heavy Duty and High quality
  • Top Notch drag rated for 44 lbs
  • Massive line capacity
  • Fast Retrive – 41″ per crank

  • Heavy weighing 33.3 ounces

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Speed-jiggers will like the 4.4:1 gear ratio, which allows you to rip in 41” of line with every revolution of the crank. They’ll also like the cold forged-aluminum spool and the Power Roller III line roller. Put these features together, and you have an offshore-capable reel you can cast and retrieve, without mass tangles. Do you like to use spinning gear whenever possible? If so, the Saragosa 20000 will let you do it for fish that used to require conventional gear—and we’re not giving you a bunch of… well… spin.

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